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Colorado Water Plan

Hi All,
                You may not be aware but Colorado has just implemented its first state wide water plan. This plan is intended to secure the necessary water supplies for future growth and it is showing a gap of 560,000 Acre feet of water by 2050. This plan hopes to eliminate the gap through conservation, better water laws that promotes water reuse, and improved infrastructure. I have attached a small summary of the plan for your information however the plan is available to the public for review at coloradowaterplan.com.

From a landscape perspective the goal is to reduce outdoor watering by up to 33%.

This is a doable goal with the current advances in technologies, along with future land development plans. Cherry Creek HOA Professionals has been partnering with Landscape Professionals implementing water conservation technologies with communities that have been achieving a 25-30% reduction including Smart ET based controllers, master valves, rain sensors, flow sensors, and xericscape projects.  Enjoy the read.

Colorado Water Policy Review

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