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Horseshoe Ridge Annual Owners Meeting takes place August 24th, 2019 at 11:30am at the Park Pavilion of Triple Crown Drive

Historical Summary

Historical Summary

Horseshoe Ridge was originally developed by Advocate Homes and construction began Late 2006.  They went into foreclosure a year later with only a third of the houses completed (less than 100) and plans for the landscaping and irrigation to the common areas were left incomplete.

Citywide Bank took over community control and collected dues from residents, but did not collect the monthly builder fees in the excess of $180K.  The bank did little to maintain the neighborhood.

Between 2009-2010, Meritage Homes procured about 100 more lots and landscaped finished homes, but did not complete any of the common land areas as planned by the previous developer.

In 2012, Richmond Homes purchased lots to the north of the community and began construction to approximately another 100 homes. 

Shortly after Richmond came in, the HOA was given Declarant Control of the community and in 2013, the development was released from Citywide Bank.  The playground, pavilion and north lawn were added as well as irrigation and sod to those areas.  Monument signs were erected and split rail fences completed. Also that year, Berkley Homes negotiated with the HOA to purchase a remaining 33 lots, which will be completed fall of 2016 for a total of 326 Homes.

In 2014, 8 years after the neighborhood’s inception, Cherry Creek HOA Professionals was hired to manage the accounting and assist in easement agreements with Douglas County and litigation with Citywide Bank, among other standard responsibilities needed to run a development.

First items accomplished by a small 3-person board and CCHOA were monument lights, dog stations, benches as well as some landscape improvements and pest control.  The HOA also opened a reserve account for future expenses.

In 2015, the HOA was awarded approximately $80K from Citywide Bank in lost monies and added this sum to the reserves by way of a money market account.

Beginning 2016, the existing board amended the by-laws to allow for a five-person board to be organized in keeping with the standard for a community of our size.

2016 Improvements and Accomplishments

Since the initiation of the 5-person board, the following improvements and accomplishments have been made thus far in 2016:

·         Monuments and Entrances: Landscape improvements have been made to South and South East entrances at Motsenbocker & Triple Crown Drive and Hess & Pardee. Dead plant material was removed and new mulch, shrubs and flower beds were installed. Cobble-stone and river-rock were relocated to other areas in need April 2016.  The North East entrance at Motsenbocker & Triple Crown Street was addressed with new sod and irrigation July 2016. The board has also erected two small monument signs and will have perennials and annuals added spring 2017 to this entrance.

·         Irrigation:  Over the years and various ownership, much of the irrigation was not installed or was not installed completely nor is there water nearby in certain areas to allow for backflow or irrigation installation.  The board is in the process of identifying battery-operated controllers and replacing them with a superior product and identifying sprinkler heads and drip lines that have been inactive. Where improvements can be made, they will. Thought is being put into adding irrigation where necessary and if too costly, built into next year’s budget.

·         Other Landscaping and Tree Report: In addition to the landscaping improvements around the monument signs and entrances, the board has begun renovation for the “finger areas” which comprise of 3 Lanes in our development – Shadbury, Tennyson and Dewhurst.  These areas have insufficient, non-operational and in some areas non-existing irrigation systems and no water from backflow whatsoever. Shadbury received the first overhaul in July 2016.  The two other lanes will be addressed in 2017 and 2018.  We have also added more mowing to areas that only saw maintenance once a year previously.  Landscaping plans are also being reviewed along Triple Crown Street and Keswick Court.

We have 147 dead trees in our neighborhood. The removal of the tree, removal of the stump, the procurement and replanting of the tree as well as ensuring proper irrigation can reach upwards of $645 per tree. We are going to attempt to remove the dead trees as soon as possible and in time, will replace trees where most needed.

·         Safety/Security: The Board has recently installed solar lights to all mailbox stations to improve safety/security to these areas May 2016. As of now, the Board cannot do anything about the areas around Hess & Pardee as that falls under the domain of the City of Parker. Current City plans are reviewing a streetlight at this intersection.


Plans for the Future

We are in the process of working on a comprehensive plan for bringing our neighborhood up to standard and budgeting for continued improvements and overall maintenance in the future.

·         Continued Landscaping Improvements: The remaining two fingers will see their overhaul in 2017 and 2018, however, we are always exploring ways to see this accomplished more quickly. The areas around the monument signs will see continued improvements as the new landscaping matures.

·         Native Areas:  Our central native area consists of 600,000 square feet, not including the offshoot native areas around the neighborhood. This central greenbelt was tilled but left to fend for itself after top soil was removed by Advocate Homes.  Effort has been made among experts at the Douglas County Dept. of Interior, the University of Colorado Horticulture Department and Parker Water to review such practices as native re-seeding, hydro seeding and drill seeding.  We have also reviewed mixes of seed types that would be most viable with the best success rate in overall aesthetics and weed removal.  Our native areas are currently being reviewed as a priority, but since the expense is so great, we feel it could take 3-5 years to remedy.

·         Recreation/Amenities:  We would like to see the addition of more covered areas, shade structures, play structures, benches, additional doggie stations and other such items and we hope we can build these expenses into the budget moving forward.

As our community becomes complete in its buildout/construction, the Board is growing as well to properly identify needs and concerns that have been outstanding and look to continue these processes going forward.  We look forward to serving you and hope to see you at the Annual meeting on August 27th.

Thank you,

Your Horseshoe Ridge Board of Directors

c/o Cherry Creek HOA Professionals