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Horseshoe Ridge next Meeting takes place January 14th, 2020 at the South Metro Fire Station on Stroh Road at 6pm

Updates from the Board

Updates From the Board


1.) The final vote for the HOA Dues Increase from $55 to $76 was 56/For & 44/Against.  A Majority vote passes for the increase.  This increase becomes effective 1/1/17

2.) The Hoa Board Members for Election/ReElection are a. Steve Valdez (President) Re-elected for a
3 year term b. Dustin Ragel (Vice President) Re-elected for a 2 year term c. Lance Monohan (Member at Large) Elected for a 1 year term d. Dane Newberry (Secretary/Treasurer) Has 1 year left on his 2 year term he was not up for re-election this year.  e. Kevin Lawerence (Member at Large) Has 2 years left on his 3 year term he was not up for re-election this year.

3.) The February 9, 2016 approved annual meeting minutes is published on the HOA Management Company's website

4.) August 27, 2016 minutes will be given out as a notice at the next annual meeting August 2017 (official meeting date not decided yet)

5.) Special thank you to Sarah Miller & Dan Trip for volunteering and counting the votes.

6.) Effective 2017, HOA Meetings will jump from qaurterly to monthly giving more oppertunity for community involvement as well as staying on top of violations and maintaining communication between Community, Board & Management Company.  

NEW BOARD MEMBER - Please Welcome Mr. Lance Monohan to your HOA Board who will assume the remainder of Marly Dombrower's 2016 Term and begin his 1 year term in 2017. He will be brought up to speed and begin working with us and the community effective immediately.

HSR COMMUNITY DEALS - We are currently working with local businesses to provide neighborhood specific coupons that will be posted on Facebook to be printed and used by the community. The parameters of the coupons/deals are up to the businesses but is just an extra service we are trying to provide for our community. More updates on this to come hoping to be in effect by year end.

SOCIAL MEDIA/COMMUNICATION - With lots of complaints on frequency of social media posts, Starting in 2017 with monthly meetings going into effect, this will open up the doors for more communication between Community, Board, and Management Company.  Just to clarify Facebook is a service we chose to implement which offers our community direct HOA updates, Community/Local events, deals etc.  It will NOT be used for back and forth discussions/questions.   Your attendance in the Home Owner Meetings or requests send to Shane to be provided at Agendas will be the best resort in obtaining answers from the Board or Management Company.
Nextdoor though useful in communication will not be a form of communication that the board utilizes on a regular basis, It was never developed as an HOA Platform.  That being said, if a board member so chooses to hop on and send info, answer questions it is up to said Board Member to do so.   As a community your Main form of communication to the board or management company is going to be

1.) HOA Meetings, With meetings occurring monthly instead of quarterly in 2017 you will have multiple oppertunities to stay informed or bring up any questions, comments, or concerns.

2.) If for some reason you cannot make an HOA meeting your next form of communication is to go directly to Shane Lussier of Cherry Creek HOA Professionals (info listed on our Facebook page, The CCHOA Pros Website and for your convenience at the bottom of this post.) Shane is going to be able to answer all of your questions comments & concerns. He also knows and has all the legal documents and bylaws on hand (also located on our Community Website) you will go through him for all landscape/changes/updates/Submittals for your home and he will filter to us for approvals or other communications. 

3.) As your board, we work for you and are all friendly and willing to help, if you see us around don't hesitate to reach out to us! Keep in mind this clarification is to remind residents that us, the board are all volunteers and have families, day jobs, and busy schedules (which includes working on and with the community) so time set aside at HOA meetings is when most of our communication will take place, again Shane is your best option if you cannot make meetings.

4.) For more Info on our community without attending meetings or contacting Shane you can always go to our Management company's website http://hsr.cchoapros.com to gather information, or obtain documents.

5.) Our community is very helpful with communication via Nextdoor, but sometimes it can cause confusion as some dates, times and locations of events are subject to change. If you so choose to answer residents questions on upcoming events we ask you to make sure you are giving proper information to prevent confusion. We will do our best to stay on top of these dates and times but if you are not sure it is best to either find out directly from your Board or from Shane to ensure you are not given incorrect information. (We do appreciate the help, we would just like to prevent unnecessary confusion)

6.) We are doing our best to make positive changes in our community and we will continue to find ways to communicate and keep you all in the know, in return we would simply ask that you assume some of the responsibility and do everything you can on your part to attend meetings, or reach out to Shane for questions and answers. Staying informed will help prevent speculation, and maintain our community's satisfaction rate.

NEXT HOA MEETING - September 13, 2016 7pm @ Stroh Ranch Fire Department

CLOSING STATEMENT - As your board we sincerely thank you for showing up over the weekend and not only hearing us out, but giving us your input. We have listened and will do our best to make our community the best that it can be, something we can all be proud of. We look forward to seeing and working with anyone of you who can make it to the next, and future HOA meetings to give us your input. Please tell your neighbors about our Facebook page and hit 'like' so everyone has the opportunity to get our updates!

Thank You and have a wonderful Labor Day Holliday,

HSR Board

Cherry Creak HOA Professionals/Shane Lussier Direct Contact info Telephone - (303) 693-2118 (ask for Shane) or email at shane@cchoapros.com  Our Website is - http://hsr.cchoapros.com