Bulletin Board

Horseshoe Ridge Annual Owners Meeting takes place August 24th, 2019 at 11:30am at the Park Pavilion of Triple Crown Drive

Updates from the Board

Hello Horseshoe Ridge Community!
Welcome To November, we hope everyone had an eventful Halloween! As usual the community really came together and participated in the festivities which has created some great memories for the kids and residents!

As we shift into the late fall and winter seasons our involvement in landscaping and community work transitions into snow removal and other issues brought up at HOA meetings. Some early fall landscaping updates that we have completed are as followed

  • We removed 85 trees a few weeks ago, many saw that some trees had some life on lower branches, but the leader branch or main artery was completely dead and these were removed as well. We have about 40 trees on a watch list, and if they come back we are happy... if not, we will remove them next year. We are replacing about 20 trees per year and will begin by replacing those that had irrigation already to save on monies.
  • Boring and electrical was completed on the two new north east entrance TCS & Mots (Triple Crown St and Motsenbocker) Monument signs, led lighting was installed and holiday lighting access is now available. We will continue to landscape that entrance in the spring and transplant a few conifer trees (see next bullet) from the rear of the property to the south 'naked' sign which will save us some monies on new trees that can go elsewhere next year. 
  • We have officially identified that Tract Y behind homes along Ardsley on the West side of the division is owned by the City of Parker, yet there is an Easement Agreement in place signed by the original Builder making the HOA responsible for maintenance.  Water to this area is under the HOA as well.  We have begun adding this to our biweekly mowing and will continue this process in the coming years.  If an owner would like any of the Evergreen trees removed from this area because they feel it is a fire hazard, please contact Shane Lussier at  shane@cchoapros.com and we will relocate them elsewhere in the community as they are ALL healthy Conifer Trees.
  • We are currently treating open space areas behind homes for Pocket Gophers that are "near trail paths" only.  Please keep in mind, we live on a prairie.  Snakes, Voles, Birds, Foxes, and pests in general will be Owner responsibility unless it causes liability risks near the pathways, playgrounds, or sodded areas.
  • Effective January 2017 we are shifting from quarterly to monthly meetings in hopes that more community members will make time to attend and address any comments, questions, or concerns.  If you cannot attend a meeting please reach out to Shane at shane@cchoapros.com.
  • As a reminder, our monthly dues increase to $76 per month beginning 1/1/17.  Payments received after the 10th of every month will be subject to a $25 late fee.  Please make sure you have made proper adjustments with your auto payments if you are setup with such.
  • If you have not done so already, please make sure that you have subscribed to the community email from the HOA website.  This is your source for information on Community Insurance as required by your lender, Governing Documents (including Rules & Regulations), Board approved minutes, Yearly Budgets and Monthly Financials.
As a Friendly reminder we have had a warm fall thus far so if you haven't yet, now is the time to start winterizing your homes/irrigation which will prevent damage to you, a neighbor or community property! 

- The board