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Recent Vehicle Break Ins

Hello Horseshoe Ridge Community!

Parker Police reached out to the Community Board to let them know that there has been a rash of recent Auto break-ins and Garage break-ins as individuals have been leaving their vehicles unlocked and also garage doors open, even in late hours.

We even had a vehicle stolen because the keys were still inside the cup-holder.

Chances are, the criminals that were staking-out our community have since left, yet we must stay on watch in our neighborhood.  Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle, make sure the vehicles are locked and please check to make sure your garage doors are shut when you are not in them. 

We have had recent patrol vehicles come through during the days to help monitor activity, as I rode along with an officer this morning on a inspection.  You may also see me and my White Toyota Camry with CU License plates as I perform inspections.  If you see anything out of the normal, it is ok to reach out to Parker PD and to also email me with description and information of concern.

Thanks again,

Your Community Board of Directors and Managing Office

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