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Horseshoe Ridge Annual Owners Meeting takes place August 24th, 2019 at 11:30am at the Park Pavilion of Triple Crown Drive

Community Updates

Good Day Horseshoe Ridge Community!

Please review Spring 2017 updates below:
Drill Seeding – We recently completed our first 100,000 square foot drill seeding project for 2017 in the south central native area near the playground.  New grass shoots are already showing life.  This project was apart of a planning provided by Douglas County Interior and CSU Horticulture teams that began in the Fall of 2015 creating a seed mix, drill seeding process, and seeding schedule for best results in turning the native areas into a controlled area increasing native growth and minimalizing weeds.  We hope this plan will allow us to see continued improvements to the native areas through our future phases over the next few years.  The central native area consists of 600,000 sq feet and we are attacking 100,000 square feet per year.  The East and Southwest areas will be attacked in the future based upon the success of the current drill seeding plan.

Horseshoe Pits - The Board is considering adding Horseshoe Pits.  (3) of them located in the Central Native area within the Community.  What are the Communities thoughts?  Horseshoe Tournament anyone? 

Drought – This past winter saw only 19 inches of snowfall when we normally receive an average of 52 inches.  April showers are not leading to May flowers.  The Community and HOA are planning for a hot and dry 2017.  Even though we have some much needed snow/water in the forecast, it will not make up for what we missed.

Planned Landscape Installations – Tennyson Lane Finger installation will be taking place here in Spring of 2017 to continue Landscape development.  Speaking of drought... to avoid future increases in water, the Tennyson Lane will be installed similar to that of Shadbury Lane finger installation that was completed in 2016.  It was created with a combination of Rock and Plants that are more adaptable to our current climate.  Dewhurst Lane will be completed in 2018.  Board has also approved a planned Perennial and Annual Plant/Flower planting this spring to our Monument Signs to continue Community Beautification that began in 2016.  Again the Board added Monument signs to the Triple Crown Street and Motsenbocker entrance this past fall.  The Board also added electricity for lighting, irrigation, planted (evergreens) trees, and installed turf.  The Board also removed dead shrubs, fixed irrigation, and cleaned up the appearance for both the Pardee and Large Southwest Motsenbocker monument areas.

The Board has identified many more areas of concern as well.  Such as Triple Crown Street Mailbox area, Motsenbocker Road parkway area (next to the street), the Intersection of Triple Crown Drive and Coral Burst Lane, and many dead plants and trees that are still under warrantee from our recent Berkley Development build-out that we will seek replacement on.  These are areas have concerns of lack of irrigation, empty spots where dead trees and shrubs were removed, to aesthetics' that are not appeasing.  The Board sees these as concerns and eyesores, and as they go forward with planned process for installations, they ask patience from the community.  The Board has created a responsible budget that began in 2016 to plan and spend responsibly to attack multiple areas and will continue with that planned process. 

Safety – Board added 22 Solar lights throughout the community to help provide light to the 3.5 miles of pathways in the community.  Many have reported that they are glad for the lights, yet adding the lights also show where we could add more to those areas still left in the dark.  The Board is reviewing adding more in the future, especially to the (3) School Bus stop areas that can become quite dark during morning winter months for our children.

Trees – In November of 2016 we removed 83 dead trees and put another 47 on a watch list as they may not make it.  This past month we have already removed another 5 dead trees.  The Board plans on adding approx. 20 trees per year to help replenish the community.  However, instead of a Developer tossing in pretty quick grow trees, we plan to add trees that are hardy and more insect resistant and meant for our environment.  CSU has put together an approved Tree list that we will mix and match to take advantage of going forward.

Thanks again,
Your Board of Directors