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Horseshoe Ridge next Meeting takes place December 10th, 2019 at the South Metro Fire Station on Stroh Road at 6pm

Tall Grass and Weeds

Spring and summer means grass and weeds will be growing, and with all the moisture we typically see in the spring, you can expect them to be growing tall before you know it!

The Town of Parker would like to remind residents about its municipal ordinance dealing with weeds and tall grass. Any non-native grass or weeds over 12 inches tall must be cut. We recommend that noxious weeds be pulled or sprayed as mowing them won’t remove the threat of spreading.

We also ask that all residents take a moment to look over their front, side, and back yards, to ensure they are free from tall grass and weeds. If your property does have tall grass and weeds, please take care of them as quickly as possible and continue to maintain your property through-out the year.

Community Mowing on Turf areas will be performed weekly, and Native areas will be mowed monthly.  Turf Areas will also be treated monthly for weeds now through October, while native areas are chemically treated for weeds in May, July, and September.

Any Homeowner in violation of this ordinance could result in a fine up to $499 per day that the violation exists.  Undeveloped or Native property areas are permitted to grow native and other acceptable vegetation to naturally occurring heights. Please contact the Community Services Division of the Parker Police Department for more information at: 303.841.9800.