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Horseshoe Ridge next Meeting takes place December 10th, 2019 at the South Metro Fire Station on Stroh Road at 6pm

4th of July 2018 Festivities

Subject: July 4, 2018 Festivities 

Dear Horseshoe Ridge and Salisbury Heights Communities!
It is our continued goal for 2018 to continue working with the Mayor (Mike Waid), Town Administrator (Michelle Kivela), and Police Commander (Andrew Coleman), the Town of Parker to assist the Horseshoe Ridge HOA and Salisbury Heights HOA in obtaining a Community Permit for the July 4th, 2018 festivities.
This permit will allow for both communities to benefit versus a single street or block area. This permit also allows the HOA’s to control access into their respective communities from outside visitors that are not friends or family members and are only spectators to the Town of Parker Stars and Stripes Celebration at Salisbury Park. With this permit plan, No other permits will be allowed or offered by the Town of Parker.
In 2017 the Town of Parker doubled their paid event parking area for the event to help alleviate overflow parking. In past years, additional parking in the community and un-welcomed guests created limited parking for residents, caused damage to individual owner and HOA property, and excessive speeding occurred.
On July 4, 2018 from 12(noon) to 11 p.m., residents, homeowners and guests for Both Communities will need to enter and exit the from the south Horseshoe Ridge entrance at Hess Road and Pardee Street. Paid security guards and barricades will be placed at all three access points to the Horseshoe Ridge Community, including the Main entrance off Motsenbocker Rd will have such security and barricade for the Salisbury Heights Community. All Residents for each HOA will receive a “Fast Pass” sent via US Postal Mail to show to security to allow for immediate entry.  Owner Guests will be required to provide a name and address of whom they are visiting to the security guard to obtain access. Security guards posted at the other three access points will be on hand to restrict entry and exit to anyone other than emergency vehicle personnel in the case of an emergency event.

The community will be required to adhere to the following Town of Parker rules:
- No illegal fireworks, illegal burning, or the use of fire arms are allowed in the community
- No illegal parking in the street limiting EMS (Emergency Medical Services) access
- No grills, no bouncy/playhouses, no activities and/or games may take place in the streets
- No disorderly conduct will be allowed

Any violations to the above rules could lead to the permit being revoked for both of our communities. The Town of Parker may be able to provide patrol vehicles at two of the barricaded entries (Hess Road and Pardee Street and Motsenbocker and Triple Crown Drive). We may also seek bike patrol officers to assist our communities as they are assigned to the Stars and Stripes Celebration event at Salisbury.
We wish all of you a safe and wonderful Independence holiday. Please help us put our best foot forward with this new process by sharing this information with your guests and following the rules and processes laid out in this letter. Should you have any questions about the process for July 4, 2018, please reach out to an HOA Board of Director or the HOA’s management company representative.
For Horseshoe Ridge - Shane Lussier at 303.693.2118 or shane@cchoapros.com.
For Salisbury Heights – Jim White at 720-881-6315 or jwhite@tmmccares.com.

Thank you,
Your Horseshoe Ridge HOA Board of Directors
Your Salisbury Heights HOA Board of Directors