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With warmer temps comes greater chance of seeing snakes
As temperatures rise and summer approaches, some residents are reporting more encounters with snakes. Given Colorado's climate and landscapes, snakes are a part of our ecosystem and play an important role in the war on pests, as they eat rodents and bugs that can cause damage to crops and gardens and carry diseases. Snakes are also protected under the regulations of Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Most snakes in Colorado are non-venomous, harmless and beneficial to people. The most common snakes reported to the Parker naturalist team are bullsnakes and garter snakes. Prairie rattlesnakes do live in Parker, most of them taking advantage of the available food and underground shelter present in and near prairie dog towns; however, we do sometimes see them near homes. For tips on avoiding negative interactions with rattlesnakes, go to Colorado Parks & Wildlife website cpw.state.co.us
Snakes want nothing to do with people, and will do whatever they can to get away when people are around. Giving a snake time and space to get away from you is the best way to deal with it when you see one.

The Town of Parker does not remove or relocate snakes or other wildlife from private property. If a snake is outside your home but on your property and you wish to have it removed, please contact a private pest management specialist. If you are experiencing conflict with wildlife on your property and seek advice on how to deter animals from your property, please call the Colorado's Wildlife Hotline at 303.291.7227.