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Horseshoe Ridge next Meeting takes place January 14th, 2020 at the South Metro Fire Station on Stroh Road at 6pm


It is the Town of Parker’s goal to provide the best snow service possible within the constraints of budget, personnel and available equipment. Keep in mind that Parker Road/State Highway 83 is maintained and plowed by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), rather than the Town.

Although the Town has a snow plowing priority system in place, the time required to clear roads depends on several variables, such as snowstorm intensity, duration, wind and temperature. Parker sees approximately 56 inches of snow during an average snow season (based on a 15-year average), which is spread over multiple snow events.

Priority 1: Arterial Roadways
Arterial roadways are our first priority and will be cleared first. These are the major roadways that carry the most traffic volume, such as: Canterberry Parkway, Cottonwood Drive, Hess Road, Hilltop Road, Jordan Road, Lincoln Avenue, Mainstreet, Pine Drive, Stroh Road and 20-Mile Road. Parker Road is maintained by CDOT.

Priority 2: Collector Streets
Collector streets are our second priority, including, but not limited to: Apache Plume Drive, Bradbury Parkway, Canterberry Trail, Clark Farms Drive, Heirloom Parkway, J. Morgan Parkway, Nate Drive, Omaha Avenue, Riva Ridge Road and Tallman Drive. These streets provide access to arterial roadways and will be cleared once the arterial roadways have been plowed.

Priority 3: Local Residential Roads and Cul-de-sacs
Local residential roads and cul-de-sacs that provide traffic flow within subdivisions and access to homes are not plowed unless six (6) inches of snow has accumulated on streets or if major drifting has occurred.

Under the Town’s previous policy, snow on local streets was not plowed until 10 inches of snow had accumulated. This policy change came at the direction of Town Council and was approved in September 2017. To be able to service all neighborhood streets, typically only a single pass (15 to 18 feet wide) will be made on local streets.

During larger storms that result in six inches or more of snow accumulation on the streets, Town trails and lesser-used facilities will only receive snow plowing/shoveling services following the completion of neighborhood streets.

Measuring Snowfall Totals
Snowfall amounts in Parker are now measured with sensors located at the intersections of Twenty Mile Road/Pine Lane and Hilltop Road/Canterberry Parkway.

Ice Control
General ice control will be limited to Priority 1 and Priority 2 roadways and will not be performed on local streets unless they meet specific conditions that interfere with safe vehicle travel.

Information Resources
To view the Town of Parker’s full Snow Plowing and Ice Control policy,  read FAQs, view our snow route map or learn more about snow ops in Parker, please visit 
www.ParkerOnline.org/Snow. You can also contact the Engineering and Public Works Department at 303.840.9546.