Bulletin Board

Horseshoe Ridge next Board Meeting takes place November 12th, 2019 at the South Metro Fire Station on Stroh Road at 6pm

April/May 2019 Update from the Horseshoe Ridge Board of Directors:

July 4th, 2019 Security Event: (Please Read Carefully)

1.     The HOA will not seek Security Services or Town of Parker Community Permit for 2019:  As was discussed in detail at the March 12, 2019 Board Meeting, the Board of Directors have chosen not to spend Community Monies on a Security Entrance Plan for the Community in 2019 due to a few factors.

2.     Costs:  in 2018 those monies exceeded $6K in permit application, coordinating & planning with the Salisbury Heights HOA Board and their residents, to obtaining Security Staff at HOA entrances.  2019 Costs would surpass $10K due to additional costs added by the Town of Parker in obtaining updated permitting changes to continued Security Staffing and Insurance Costs increases.

3.     Limited Liability:  The HOA residents experienced local fireworks shot at their homes, pets, and family members as neighbors enjoyed partaking in restricted use of fireworks.  Guests trying to exit the Community came across neighbors who barricaded and blocked streets against the Town and HOA permitting plan, and individuals were assaulted both verbally and physically.  These events pose a potential liability event to the HOA in establishing any perceived safety to guests and/or residents.

4.     Town of Parker:  Over the years the Salisbury Park 4th of July event has increased in vendors and visitors exponentially as the County has experienced fire restrictions making the event a must see for many in Douglas County to experience.  Due to HOA trash and landscape damages experienced, the HOA reached out to the Town of Parker to seek a solution in remedy.  What began as a solution to reduce parking in the community and to mitigate damage to personal owner & HOA property by outsiders, has eventually led to the Town of Parker closing Motsenbocker Road north of Salisbury Park diverting traffic to enter from Hess Road and Motsenbocker only.  The Town has promised no Police patrol, no barricades without additional costs, nor any financial assistance.  Yet the Town of Parker expects the Horseshoe Ridge HOA to provide a plan of entrance for both the Salisbury Heights HOA residents to the north and to mitigate entrances into the HOA Communities to allow park visitors to enter the pay-for-parking LOTS in their for-profit event while the HOA experiences damages and tries to protect itself on its own dime.

Again, due to potential risks and costs to the Homeowners Association we have decided to limit such continued action without further cooperation from the Town of Parker.

Community Updates:

Replacement of Standard and/or Recycling Trash Totes: The HOA provides trash and recycling services within your monthly assessments.  This service also provides one (1) free standard tote and one (1) free recycle tote.  If a home requires an additional tote, any additional tote may be purchased or leased directly through Waste Management.  Please contact them directly at 303.797.1600.  Should an owner need a replacement tote that is currently in disrepair (i.e. cracked, broken handle, missing wheel, etc.), please reach out to Cherry Creek HOA (303.693.2118) during regular office hours of 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday to request a replacement.  They will coordinate a replacement with Waste Management and communicate planned exchange dates with you at that time.

2018 Garage Sale:  The 2019 Community Garage Sale will be held June 7th – June 9th (weather permitting).

Approved Tree and Plant landscaping: As many homes look to attack some spring landscape projects, please keep in mind that all exterior changes, alterations, and changes (outside standard maintenance and care) require a submitted and approved Design Review Application Form (found on the Community Website at hsr.cchoapros.com under “Quick Links”).  When it comes to approved trees and plants, the Town of Parker has an approved species guide list that one can review at the following link.  NOTE: Please do not trust your landscape contractor to know the Parker List as it changes yearly, and other Front Range cities have different plant approvals.

March 2019 Update Letter: This letter that was sent out to the Community on March 4th, 2019 arrived to residents with numerous grammatical errors, spelling errors of a Board Member name, and even listed another HOA Community as portions of the letter were used as a template.  These errors occurred while the Community Manager was away due to a funeral and went out without proper review and editing by the Board of Directors.  On behalf of Cherry Creek HOA Professionals, we want to apologize for the unprofessional communication that was given to the community without proper Board of Director Review.

Be in the know:  If you are not receiving email communication from the HOA, please visit the Community Website, and click on the “Subscribe” tab to register to receive Community News & Events through email.  This is the preferred communication source to help save the Community Monies on printing and postage.